26 Best Safest & Free Software Download Sites In 2020

Gone are the days where you pay huge money to get the software. You can now get some of the best quality software for free. There are lots of free software, applications, games, system tools and utilities, security, and antivirus tools available for free download. The problem here is where do you go to download these free software files?

There are many free software download sites where you can get any applications or files you want. These software downloading sites offer an extensive collection of files for free download. They are a one-stop shop for the most recent software applications.

Any reliable software downloader site will offer several software-like technical files, games, antivirus, applications, tools, and even movies.

There are both paid and free download sites. Software downloading sites are famous for their free collection of relevant files. If you are looking for the best and safest download sites, we have you covered with the following lists of 26 best free full version software download sites.

26 Best Free Software Download Sites In 2020

1. Download.com

free software download sites

If you are looking for an authority website to download software, you can visit download.com. This website is among the best freeware sites where you can get any file you need. Download.com is one of the earliest free software download sites. It was created in 2006. CNet owns and operates the website.

CNet is a big name when it comes to technology and innovative digital products. Due to the nature of their services, they were able to establish a free software download site.

When it comes to useful files to download, the website has an extensive digital footprint. It comes with a large collection of computer software from different systems providers. You can download files for Mac, Linux, Windows, and applications for mobile phones as well.

Furthermore, the site is a safe download site to get web-based tools, services, and applications. The website has a software collection section. This section has more than 100,000 shareware, freeware, and trial-first downloads. Industry reviewers consider download as one of the best download sites for software. If you are a registered user of the freeware site, you can review and rate downloaded files.

2. FileHippo.com


FileHippo.com is highly-rated as one of the best free full version software download sites. If you visit this website, you will get plenty of shareware and freeware to download. As a registered user, you can get the best free downloads.

Furthermore, the website comes with the FileHippo Update file checker. This tool is a small file system that browses through your computer for the software you installed from the website. The tool then lets you know if there are updates for the file. FileHippo.com is one of the best software download sites.

3. FileOur

FileOur is a very secure website. From this site, you can download any software for your PC operating system. There is no reason to worry about malware or viruses on this site. Because through this site you can download the desired software directly from the publisher server.

In this, all the software has been arranged in different categories in a row such as Antivirus, Audio, Backup, Bangla Software, Browser, Cleaner, Communication, Compression, Converter, Design, Desktop Tools, Download Managers, Driver, Emulator, Encryption, File Management, Gaming, Graphic, Internet, Maps, Messenger, Multimedia, Network, Office Program, Player, Recovery, Remote Desktop, Screen Recorder, Security, System, Typing Program, Uninstallers, Utilities, Video Editing Software, Web Design and more.

FileOur Software is a popular software download site for both shareware and freeware.

4. ZDNet Download

ZDNet is one of the best freeware download websites because it is the biggest collection for free software downloads. If you visit the website, you can effortlessly search for software for different systems. You can search for software and applications for Mac, Windows, and Mobile phones.

The website’s collection is the best when it comes to downloading specialized software. The website was upgraded not too long ago to offer streamlined, smooth software and applications download service.

Thus, the site looks much better now and has an enhanced collection of software and applications than before. ZDNet download is a free software download site for both shareware and freeware.

5. Softpedia.com


People who regularly use free download sites will recognize softpedia.com as that website among the safest download sites. It helps users by indexing information while providing a smooth software download path.

Furthermore, while using the site’s downloading software services, there are other useful resources on it. Softpedia.com acts as a reliable source for relevant news. It indexes popular entertainment, health, science, and technology news.

The software and applications are arranged in different categories to enable visitors to find and locate files quickly. The file paths for specific download tools are modeled, just like the Windows PC’s file pathways.

The free download site allows users to differentiate files by criteria. You can select files based on its last updated date, the number of times downloaded, or from user’s rating. Furthermore, the website allows you to view files in three different modes. These modes are shareware, freeware, and normal modes. This feature makes it easy for users to weed out some categories of software they do not need.

6. Tucows.com

best free full version software download sites, tucows

If you like to browse free software download sites, you might have stumbled across Tucows.com.

Tucows is the shortened form for The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software. For clarity and brevity, the company decided to drop the long name and keep it simple. Now people know Tucows as one of the best reputable software download sites. Visitors to the site will not miss its popular directory. Its directory is a collection of freeware, shareware, and demo software programs available for download.

When it comes to applications and software for major operating systems, you can get the best from Tucows. You can easily find programs for Macintosh, Linux, and Windows. One unique fact with Tucows being one of the best software sites for free download is that you can get older editions of Windows operating systems. The website is also a source for web-based tools, services, and applications.

7. FreewareFiles.com

freewarefiles, software downloading sites

Freeware files are among the best free software download sites. Just as the name suggests, it is a source for free software. It has a collection where open-sourced programs are listed.

As a free software and application source, freeware files have more than 16,000 freeware files that users can easily download on the website. The website has programs which are sorted in different categories. This categorization makes it easy for users to navigate the website and effortlessly locate specific files.

8. MajorGeeks

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This website is one of the free software download sites for nerds and geeks alike. If you are looking for software, freeware, and shareware to download, visit MajorGeeks.

The freeware site helps you maximize your PC’s use by providing relevant tools for both advanced users and beginners. The website was renamed from TweakFiles to MajorGeeks and has since been regarded as one of the best free software download sites.

This free download site is a fantastic source of useful free software downloads. It is operated by Tim and Jim, who are friends. Their amazing hilariousness gives the site a personal touch and keeps its users returning to the latest releases.

The website is a reputable source for files with nice user-friendliness. The files do not make any changes until they are applied to your system. As one of the best reputable software download sites, MajorGeeks checks its files for quality before they get uploaded for downloading.

As one of the safest download sites, files are checked to ensure that they are free from viruses and spyware. The website has a helpful and resourceful user community to help you with any problems with your downloads.

9. FileCluster


This website is among the best free software download sites. It is also relatively new. Created in 2006, FileCluster specializes in providing its visitors with the most recent and updated files, such as software, freeware, and shareware. You can quickly locate specific shareware and freeware programs. There is more to this site. You can also download unique WordPress Themes. They also provide updated news about specific software companies.

10. Soft32


The website is a good website for free software downloads. It regularly updates its collection of free software and files for its users.

Furthermore, it offers a smooth website that can be easily navigated. If you visit this website, you can effortlessly get shareware and freeware for Linux, Mac, and Windows plus mobile systems applications. The website has a collection of nearly 90,000 programs. It also has a Windows forum, where users can be helped with any issues with their Windows operating systems.

11. Softonic

Softonic, download software for free

Softonic is one of the most popular free software download sites. It was created in 1997 and is active ever since. It is the best website for free software downloads. It has over 110,000 shareware, freeware, and trial version applications for users to download.

The reviews of free software and other applications are written in many relevant languages to enable users to understand what they are downloading. Softonic has a vast collection of smoothly categorized files into different sections to enable a streamlined navigation and accessible location of files. The website caters to users who want the latest software tools.

You can quickly get software applications from every platform. They are translated into popular languages of the world. Softonic has a cool tool feature that compares similar software applications. This tool makes it possible for multiple programs to be evaluated side-by-side. It is an excellent resource for technical and gaming files.

12. Freewarehome

best free full version software downloading sites

This website is one of the best free software download sites because it only caters to freeware downloads. You do not come to freeware home and expect to see shareware programs listed.

The website comes with an archaic design. The navigation menu is located in the left frame. Details are also located in the right-hand frame of the site. With the freeware home website, you get programs that are in categories.

This categorization makes it easier for users to navigate through the website. Freeware home is a reliable source for free software, which ranges from specialized software to gaming software. People passionate about free file download come to freeware home to get all their best free software.

13. Ninite

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Ninite is also listed as being among the best free software download sites. There is a way that this website handles the software you have in your system.

Whenever you want a specific software to use on the PC, you need not look for and individually download a new program. If Ninite is installed, you then have the choice to select one or numerous applications simultaneously.

Users on the website can quickly get what they need by checking the categories section of the website. The categories come with different sub-categories. This distinction allows users to get anything that they need effortlessly. For instance, users looking for a specific audio or video player can locate the Media section. If they go there, they will see lots of related programs for them to download.

Furthermore, the website will help you update your software. It also lets you know if there are new editions of your applications. The website likes users to suggest to them what software program to include on the website’s database. They have added popular software and apps requested by users. This list is regularly updated.

14. Download Crew

download crew, download software online for free

This website is among the safest download sites. It also ranks highly among the best free software download sites. It has a clean user interface when compared to other websites that offer free downloads.

The website controls the quality of its files and does not upload any files of questionable features. Their website has a user-friendly layout, which ensures that files are classified into various categories. You can jump to a specific file and choose what you need. While they have numerous applications for Windows, they are not limited to Windows alone. You can also find applications and software for Linux, Mac, Android, iPad, and iPhone. With the website, finding a specific tool is a breeze.

Furthermore, users can get more new tools when they scan the list that shows the most downloaded files. One reason Download Crew will be one of the best freeware websites for downloading is the fact that users give every single program an honest review. This review allows interested visitors to see how useful and functional the files are. With this feature, you get to decide whether or not you should install a specific app or software.

15. File Horse

File Horse

People looking for free software download sites will notice that File Horse just joined the list of websites to download software.

However, unlike most of its contemporaries, the website lacks a pretty extensive collection of applications and software downloads. Rather than flooding its homepage with irrelevant applications and software, the website makes it easy for visitors.

The free software download website only shows the most excellent and popular software files that you can quickly get. File Horse is proud of the fact that you can easily download safe and virus-free software applications.

The website has an effective quality control team that ensures that downloaded software files are free from malware. They are known for their limited list of software, where applications are listed under specific categories. The listed applications are either open-source or freeware. The files are freely available for download.

The website is an excellent option for people looking to replace their free software download websites. Furthermore, File Horse will help you get a superior alternative for any needed software or application.

16. Source Forge

This website is a useful resource for open-sourced freeware and software. Source Forge is highly-rated among the free software download sites commonly visited due to its wealth of useful digital content.

The websites attract about 30 million monthly visitors looking to download software and freeware. It is a source of over 500 000 files. The free software site comes with a search toolbar that allows visitors to locate their intended files.

Furthermore, the free software site has a favorite download section where users can choose among the most downloaded software.

Moreover, Source Forge suggests software to download depending on the operating system you have. The website also allows its registered users to review software and applications after downloading. The freeware website is owned and operated by Slashdot media.

Currently, you can download ad and cost-free software and applications from the website. The management team behind the website has said that there are plans to make the website more user-friendly and has a modern look.

17. FossHub

FossHub is an excellent resource to download free software and applications. It was begun in 2007, and it is now a dependable website to get some of the best technical and open-source software without paying a dime.

The interface of this website was designed to enable easy navigation. Some directories contain files in different categories for easy download. Software and other files can be downloaded easily as direct links of these files are created instantly after clicking on them. With FossHub, even non-registered members can review software applications after downloading them.

FossHub is a reliable resource for files used for Windows, MacIntosh, Linux, and other mobile systems. While the website also has closed source software, it is nevertheless one of the best options to get your favorite freeware and software.

18. Software Informer

best free software download sites

Software Informer is more than your average website for downloading secure and free software. The website has one of the most significant library collections of software and applications.  It is a newly established free resource for freeware and software. With just a short time of creation, the website is now regarded as one of the best free software download sites.

While Software Informer is a relatively small website, it still offers some of the best download software. With this website, you can quickly get some of the safest and top-quality software for download.

The creators of the free download website cares so much for the safety of user’s devices. This concern for user devices safety is the reason there is a safety feature on the website. Every time you get to download software from the website, the particular software is scanned to determine its safety for your device. Software Informer is both a reliable and a safe free software download site.

19. FilePuma

FilePuma is undoubtedly one of the best free software download sites. This website makes it possible for your file to be downloaded in no time regardless of the size.

The website comes with an easily navigable website. A highly-efficient search tool makes it possible for users to locate their chosen software or game quickly.

Furthermore, FilePuma has one particular feature that most free download websites seem to lack; this is the “free update detector.” The tool helps to update your software to have the most updated version of your chosen software.

FilePuma also has different categories for the files hosted in its massive library collection. These categories help users to locate whichever files that they may be looking for quickly. The website offers a safe and reliable download opportunity for free software and PCs, laptops, and mobile phones.

20. DonationCoder

This website is an excellent resource for free and professional software. DonationCoder underwent some reconstruction and is now back and better with more freeware to offer.

The website is equipped with a menu bar with different buttons to ensure smooth navigation for its users. There is a latest news section on this site where users can have more insights on new software updates and much more.

The website offers lots of high-quality and professional looking websites for visitors. With the site, you can get software for both business and personal uses. There are no toolbars, spyware, or adware on this website; therefore, users are ensured of a smooth and streamlined download experience.

At DonationCoder, there is an online forum where you get to talk to professionals in the software installation process. There are several experts on the forum that can help you troubleshoot your installation problems.

21. Brothersoft

This website is one of the best repositories for downloading free software, video games, and wallpapers. Brothersoft features a smooth user-interface that offers easy navigation for users of the website.

The website, which began in 2002, is one of the best free software download sites where you can get some of the most recent applications and software. The website has a massive library collection of files which offers more than 200,000 files to be downloaded.

These files can be downloaded free of charge, downloaded re widgets, utilities, browsers, scripts, drivers, video games, wallpapers, and mobile applications. The free software download site also helps users download their chosen files from the available mirror link.

The website offers the best downloading experience for video games and wallpapers—there are two main ways of downloading files from Brothersoft. One way features the direct link for downloading standard files. While if you were to download larger files, you would have to first download the Brothersoft Downloader before proceeding to get the file that you have chosen.

22.  100 downloads

This website is such a vast source of Windows software. 100 downloads is one of the best Windows free software download sites of 2020. It offers the full version of Windows compatible software and applications without charging a dime. The website offers several free software for different versions of Microsoft Windows.

Furthermore, to ensure a smooth download experience, software and applications are collected in categories. They are identified with a brief description. Downloading is activated with the provision of direct download links. 100 downloads is such a reliable website because you do not need to be transferred to another website to complete your file’s downloading.

The website offers a free download of music files, Microsoft software, VPN applications, games, and video players. It also has other tools like browser extensions, office software, internet application, system tools, PC and mobile security tools, networking tools, and image/photo editing applications.

23. Full Free Software

If you are looking for the full and updated versions of popular software, look no further than full free software.

The website offers free software downloads of the most recent PC and mobile software. It is one of the best full free software download sites. The website is a massive resource for troubleshooting everyday PC problems and downloading solutions to fix the problems. It offers a massive library of software, games, PC tools, mobile applications, and other exciting freeware.

The website has a helpful menu that helps users navigate its dashboard with ease. Furthermore, it comes with a news and tutorial section to ensure that visitors are updated and informed on the best way to use specific tools, software, and applications. 

24. Full PC software

Full PC software is the best website to download free full version software for your PC. The website also offers a free download of Android apps. On Full Pc software, you only get to find some of the most recent software and games for PC. One good thing about Full PC software is that it has a massive collection of PC games, software, and applications. The good thing about these files is that they are full versions.

Furthermore, the website offers tutorials and news on current trends and offers advice on the best software to solve a particular problem. The menu contains several tools that will help you smoothly navigate the website without any problem. The website has general full software for download. It also has a wide range of antivirus applications for PCs and phones. There are software and applications for users of Android phones, Windows PC, and Mac PC.

Furthermore, if you have a thing for games, then Full PC software might be the right source for the best and most recent PC games. Visitors get to download a full cracked version of software and games without paying a fee. Additionally, there is a bonus feature on the site, if you are a great writer, you can write for them as a guest. Full PC software is among the best free software download sites because it offers free full version of software, games, and applications. This website is much better than other free software download sites.

25. SharewareOnsale

This website is among the most popular websites that offer free download of software in full version. Sharewareonsale is among the best free software download sites. Due to the high number of visitors that visit the website daily, software providers willingly submit their high-quality apps every day to users.

Therefore, the website offers a vast resource for high-end paid applications and Software for Mac, Windows, or Android devices. The good news here is, you shall get all these paid applications free of charge on this website.

The site offers free downloads of software and applications in different major categories. Some of these categories are VPN, online services, cloud storage, antivirus, Network tools, security, and privacy. Other categories include graphic design and photography, system utilities, android games, and applications.

Furthermore, visitors to the site can also get numerous freebies and giveaways every day on the website. Everyone loves Sharewareonsale because you get to download paid and full versions of applications and software free of charge.

26. Giveaway of the Day

This website is one more resource for downloading free cracked and full versions of high-quality software and applications. The website comes with a calendar that is used to group its collection of free software download giveaways. We love giveaway of the day because they offer you paid software and applications free of charge for 24 hours.

While this website may not be as massive as SharewareOnsale, it is an excellent source for some of the most expensive and premium software for free download. The version that gets offered is never the trial version. But instead, you are offered a full version of the software with the full license and access codes.

Moreover, past users have comments and reviews of past software downloads on each giveaway page. This way, users can evaluate each software before they finally commit to downloading the file. You can quickly get software and tools for iPhone, Android, Games, and Windows on this website. These four different segments cover the digital devoices of most users so that everyone gets a freebie. Furthermore, the website is offered in twelve different languages; therefore, you have no reason to miss out on special giveaways.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Which website is best for free Software download?

The following websites are the best resources for free software download:

Download Crew,
FileHippo, and

Which are some of the safest websites for free Software download?

You can download safe files from the following websites:
Internet Archive,
Legit Torrents,
BitLove, and

How do I download software to my laptop for free?

You can easily find and download free software on your laptop. Find and download the file. The file typically has a .exe file extension.

Find this .exe file in your system after downloading it. You can locate this in your PC’s download folder. When you see it, double-click on the file. Follow the instructions in the dialog box to complete the software installation. Then the software should be installed on your laptop. After installation, you may be told to restart your laptop to open the newly downloaded software.

Is Tucows safe for free downloading?

Tucows was embroiled in some malware problems for a while, but they are now safe for free software downloads.

Is it safe to download free software?

While not all free software is safe, others are safe. It is also essential that you also take care of this software with updates and security.

Is Ninite a safe website to download files?

Ninite is considered as one of the safest websites for free software. There are over 100 files available for people to download on the website. The programs available on Ninite do not have adware.

Can I use Softonic for free?

Softonic is technically a website offered in Spanish that is from California in the USA. Its primary objective is to offer free applications and games for people on the internet. While users can get numerous contents on the website for free, safety concerns are due to most of its open-source nature.

What are the best websites to download free software PC?

The following are the best eight websites to download free PC software:
Freeware files,
Softpedia, and

How do I install software on my phone?

You can easily install applications external to your phone.

Does GetintoPC contain a virus?

GetintoPC is the most friendly and excellent website to download free applications and software for your PC. The website does not contain a virus or malware.

Can I safely download applications over the internet?

Applications can contain malware. Malware is malicious software that can ruin your PC or phone, compromise your privacy, and wastes your resources like data and other things. While many files are relatively safe to download, other silent lurkers will secretly get into your device and steal your confidential information such as address, phone numbers, bank account details, passwords, access codes, and bitcoin information.

Can I safely download games on the internet?

It would be best if you were careful when downloading games online. It can get malware into your PC. A straightforward way to get viruses into your system is to pirate any form of software.

How do I check for the safety of a download file?

It would be best if you right-clicked once on the particular file. You should see the alternative to scan the particular file. The file can be scanned with any reliable antivirus application. Safe and genuine files will show up as clear after scanning has been completed.
If the scanning operation shows that the file is not safe, you should quickly delete the file. It would be best if you then scan your PC using the antivirus to help get rid of any malware that can harm your device.

What applications should I download on my new PC?

You just bought a new PC? Congratulations. The following applications are must-have applications for your Windows PC to be installed at first:
Google Chrome Internet browser,
Google Drive cloud storage,
Spotify music streaming service,
LibreOffice Office Suite,
Paint Image editor,
Security applications,
VLC media player,
ShareX screenshot application,
7 – Zip File compression and extraction application,
Rambox messaging application, and

Where is the best website to download cracked software?

Almost everyone likes free websites where they can get cracked software for PC. The following websites can be used to download free cracked PC software:
Giveaway Radar.

Is torrenting illegal?

It is illegal to take part in torrenting. But, what is illegal is when you download and sharing of unsanctioned copyrighted material. Furthermore, it is possible to be caught downloading and sharing of copyrighted material. Then it is totally fine to non-copyrighted torrent material. This type of download is allowed since they do not come with any restrictions.

What are some of the best free online software?

Some of the best software can be downloaded for free. The following software are the best software to download free of charge online: Thunderbird, KeePass, Audacity, Brave, Shotcut, GIMP, VLC media player, and LibreOffice.

What are the three types of software?

There are three major types of software. They are Utility software, Language processor, and operating system.

Are cracked software safe for download on my device?

Cracked software can be pretty harmful to both your PC and the entire network if your PC is connected to one. If you mistakenly download any cracked software to an office computer, even if you use your home network to download the cracked application, you can quickly get malware to attack the whole business network.

Can authorities trace pirated software?

Using pirated and cracked software is not a risk, except you have made enough money from pirating and cracking software for the authorities to put you on a watchlist. Once you are on their watchlist, you can be easily traced. Other than that, just downloading and using free and pirated software shouldn’t worry you.

Can I get free software updates?

Software updates, most of the time, will automatically run in the background of your system. At other times, the updates (known as patches) can be offered for download free of charge. It would be best if you had these updates for the software to continue working successfully.

How much does it cost to update my software?

Typically, some software can be updated free without charge if offered as a free download. At the same time, paid updates can range from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cost of software update depends on the size of your office or home network. But, other than the paid solutions, software updates for free software downloads is free.

Is it safe to update my PC software?

Most updates of software and applications are safe and legit. However, you should avoid rushing to update your software. Before you update your software, there are several security checks you need to put in place. Even if it may be safe and recommended, useful software updates can also unintentionally lead to problems and damage to the original software file.

How does a software update differ from a software upgrade?

A software upgrade is an improved and significant change to a software version. While an update is typically a little change to a software. Updates are also new solutions to some defects that the software may be having.

Why is software update beneficial to my PC or my phone?

When you update your software, you help fix the security loophole that it may have. Also, updates can come with enhanced or new features. It could also mean that it is now more compatible with various applications and devices. Moreover, updates can also be used to enhance the software’s stability and performance. They can also get rid of outdated features. Every one of these updates is meant to improve on the user experience of the user.


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